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Oliver home helps health advocate Breanne Kraus practise what she preaches


When Breanne Kraus landed a job in her hometown after years living in Calgary, her first impulse was to find a home on the south side.

“I thought downtown Edmonton wasn’t safe, and dirtier than downtown Calgary, but I tried it because it was more convenient for work,” says the events development officer with Alberta Cancer Foundation. “Now it’s going to be hard to get me out.”

The 24-block trek isn’t just more convenient for work, it lets the health advocate—organizer of Bust-a-Move, an annual six-hour workout that raised $1.2 million last year—make living a healthy lifestyle part of her daily routine.

 It’s like a scene out of Manhattan when couples sit at these park benches and take in the river valley and southern skyline view. “I didn’t know this existed before I moved to Oliver,” she says. “I just never came down here. It’s beautiful. All summer, my fiancé and I came down here on our bikes or to run stairs.”  (100 Ave & 121 St.)

Breanne loves that she can make a quick dash across the street when dinners are one ingredient short. “It’s so great when you just need a last minute thing like garlic.” While she’s there, she can’t resist Ezekial’s sprouted grain bread and favourite snack, salted Snapea Crisps. “It’s like a chip made from a pea. So it’s healthier.” (12120 Jasper Avenue)

It’s where Japanese cuisine meets French cooking, and where Breanne finds her favourite dish—a warm and spicy tempura roll with crab, avocado, salmon and tuna. Aptly called Love Crunch, it’s one reason the contemporary room has become her and fiancé Tanner’s favourite date night spot. “Though I’d totally order it alone.” (11805 Jasper Avenue)

The couple meets for fitness training after work. “We go four times a week, decide which body part to focus on and do a lot of weight lifting to target those areas.” (10205 101 St.)

The Hotel Macdonald might be turning 100 years old next year, but this lifelong Edmontonian didn’t discover its historic lounge until landing her new job. “A colleague recommended it for coffee and now I’m obsessed. It’s so gorgeous, and I love that I can go there anytime for a French vanilla and biscotti in an oversized chair.” (10065 100 St.)

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