— Downtown Edmonton Community League Update —

Tidying the City’s Living Room

As the weather warms and people turn out in droves, we’re faced with one of our great challenges: cleanliness. Especially after winter. The amount of garbage, sand, and debris left behind from the “big melt”can be discouraging. Add to that a short but sudden injection of festivals and outdoor activities and you’ve got the recipe for a mess.

In Downtown Edmonton, where a large number of us walk, this mess detracts from the liveability of the neighbourhood. Equally unpleasant is the airborne sand and gravel kicked up from the roadside curb by passing vehicles and busses, and thrown into our eyes. Although we organize a spring cleanup that sees dozens of volunteers dedicating hours to the cause, a single day just isn’t enough.

Let’s do better to ensure it’s cleaned faster, kept at a higher standard of tidiness and presentable year-round. Here are a few ways to do that.

Year-Round Street Sweeping

The amount of concrete and asphalt Downtown causes winter snowfalls to melt quickly, and the sand and gravel applied for ice control erodes to street side within days of application. And that’s where it remains for half the year. It’s filthy. That’s why we’re advocating to sweep our core streets on a year-round basis, instead of only in the late spring and summer, as we’re doing now.

Prioritize Pedestrian Areas

Edmonton has few areas where people are just as likely to walk as drive, and Downtown is one of them. Let’s all work together to improve the level of cleanliness on our main streets, along high-use transit corridors, near bus stops and everywhere else where people congregate. Pedestrians don’t have the benefit of being sheltered by their vehicles. So in order to make the city walkable, we have to prioritize street and sidewalk cleaning in pedestrian areas.

If You See Litter, Pick It Up

A little bit of effort here and there can go a long way to improve Downtown cleanliness. If you see a piece of litter don’t walk over it, don’t ignore it; take a second to pick it up. It’s a simple act that goes a long way to improving the Downtown experience for everyone.

As of May 12 the DECL board is: Chris Buyze (President); Ian O’Donnell (VP); Milap Petigara (Treasurer); Erin Duebel; Jillian Gamez; Laurissa Kalinowsky; Christie Lutsiak; Jarrett Mykytiuk; Lindsey Trufyn; Vikki Wiercinski; Scott Winder and Chris Wudarck.

Downtown Edmonton Community League Events

June 11 & Aug. 13 — Monthly board meeting. (7 pm, Community Space, 10042 103 St.)

June 19 — Urban Kids Board Game Night. (6 pm, Community Space, 10042 103 St.)

July 9 — Barbecue social. (6 pm, Community Space, 10042 103 St.)

Aug. 22 — Annual pancake breakfast before Al Fresco festivities. (9 am. Community Space, 10042 103 St.)

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