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The 102 Ave. Bike Lane’s Long Journey

A completed bike network in 2022? That’s longer than some are willing to wait.

A downtown Vancouver bike lane (Paul Krueger/Flickr)

A downtown Vancouver bike lane (Paul Krueger/Flickr)

Edmontonians have been asking for a bike-friendly core since the ’80s. This summer brings dream closer to reality.

Expect to see construction start on the Glenora section of the 102 Ave. Bike Lane, which stretches from 136 St. to Connaught Dr. It will become a “shared-use path” (a widened sidewalk with one lane for cyclists and one for pedestrians). Disruption to vehicular and foot traffic will be minimal and during off-peak hours.

The Oliver section, from Connaught Dr. to 111 St., will see the lane transition into a cycle track on the north side (a two-way painted road that’s separated from both cars and pedestrians) that continues through the “City Centre” portion of Downtown from 107 St. to 96 St.

Construction on the Oliver section begins in 2017; the City Centre track is to be completed alongside the new Valley Line LRT, which is at least four years away.

A completed bike network in 2022? That’s longer than many are hoping to wait. “Oliver has one of the highest percentages of bicycle commuters in the city,” says Dustin Martin, civics director for the OCL, which has advocated for it for years.

He would like to see delays remedied with temporary solutions such as plastic bollards or moveable concrete barriers. “[They] can be constructed quickly and cheaply and this has been done in cities across North America including Calgary.”

Go to Edmonton.ca/cycling for further updates.

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