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Snapshots from Spring Community Events

Christie Lutziak, chair of the parks committee, at the DECL
Spring Clean-Up & BBQ. May 7

Volunteers help during Oliver Clean Up 2017 on April 22.

Community members enjoy food and drink at Chic-Hog-O’s
during the OCL pub crawl on April 20.

Justin Keats and Dustin Bajer discuss urban agriculture at The
Yards Spring Salon on March 23.

Coun. Scott McKeen speaks at the OCL AGM on April 19.

Coun. Ben Henderson speaks to media and onlookers at an update
on the Downtown Bike Network, to be completed this summer.

OCL AGM, April 19.

Oliver Community League’s new board, elected at the 2017 AGM.

Downtown community members gather in Dick Mather Park
for the annual Spring Clean-Up & BBQ. May 7.