— Oliver Community League Update —

Re-creating Recreation

Oliver needs your ideas to create more spaces that let us outside and to connect

Now that the snow has melted there are so many reasons to get out of your pad (this issue is chock-full of ideas). Go outside and enjoy.

But in Oliver, where the vast majority of us do not have backyards, public and private spaces take on new yard-like aspects.

Where do you find yourself heading on a hot summer day? Maybe a public park or a private patio? Out on our main streets, Jasper Avenue and 124 Street? In our bike
lanes and multi-use trails? On the deck of Oliver Pool or in a place of worship?

About 20,000 people call Oliver home.

Breathe, the City of Edmonton’s 2017 strategy on open spaces, indicates that Oliver has less open space available for residents than in any other part of the city. Oliver also
hosts one of the most diverse populations in Edmonton. This means that not only do we need more community spaces, but a one-size-fits-all solution will not work here. We don’t just need spaces and places to be physically active, or that cater to one age group. We need to nurture the whole person — physically, intellectually, spiritually — and we need to nurture our connections to one another.

Coun. Scott McKeen recently requested a report on the engagement strategy and process for assessing the need for recreation, cultural, education and community space in Oliver. The Oliver Community League will be working with the city to ensure the proposed process will capture our diverse and numerous voices — and we will be pushing to see an engagement and needs assessment for Oliver that will begin the process of developing much-needed community places, spaces and services.

Speaking for my own approach to this challenge, last June, I joined November Project Canada (see page 16), a free outdoor fitness group. This past winter was one of our longest on record in Edmonton, and being part of this supportive community helped me to push through the freezing conditions and achieve my fitness goals.

This is a community that shows up for each other year-round, no matter the weather. They motivate me to push forward and through accountability to one another.

Like November Project, Oliver is stronger when we pull together as a supportive community — we need your ideas, your initiatives and your support. If you have a vision for the future of this neighbourhood, share it. We are all accountable for creating what we see around us. While it could take years to see significant changes, we must be motivated now and into the future to speak
out about what we need in our neighbourhood.

Lisa Brown
President, Oliver Community League