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New Year’s Wishes

Four central residents and business-owners on how they’d love to see their neighbourhoods change in 2016

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Owner of Ikki Izakaya

“I want the city to encourage development that makes streets more walkable and pedestrian-friendly. Tokyo, where I’m from, is very walkable. I’d love to see more pedestrian-only spaces, like what they are doing in the summer for the 104 St. market. But I’d like to see more downtown streets closed to traffic, maybe once a week in the evening, or Sunday mornings. It encourages people to walk out and discover their community.”



Carmen Chalut
13-Year-Old Born and Raised in Oliver

“It’s pretty cool living downtown but there aren’t a lot of other teenagers around, so it’s tough to meet people my age. I usually have to leave downtown. I’d like to see more places where teenagers can hang out and meet one another. More recreational or organized programs for teens at the library or even at a cafe—teen nights, every Friday.”

x8YBFc5CtDEeQA0m55yz3edkqreZCTvVDYdO3DpKhCEDarryl Mork
Dog Owner and Oliver Resident

“I’d like one or two dog parks that are fenced off. They are everywhere in Los Angeles. There, dog-owners sit on benches and chat with one another while their dogs play. We know that owning a pet can improve a person’s health, but I’m certain that there are other benefits of meeting dog-owners in your neighbourhood. If you know your neighbours, then you’re more likely to look out for each other, look out for each other’s safety. Plus, it feels good knowing the people who live around you.”

Kelly Dyers
Manager of Audrey’s Books

“We’re seeing more people downtown and that’s something we’re very excited about as we move into the new year. It used to be unheard of to see so many people walking downtown after 6pm and on weekends. We hope that the ‘shop local’ philosophy that’s been growing is not just a passing trend, and that people see the importance and value in building and supporting their community.”