— Oliver Community League Update —

Make Oliver Yours With a Microgrant

In the past few years, Make Something Edmonton has embarked on a new branding exercise for the city. The primary idea behind the city-funded campaign is that Edmonton is “an unusually good place to make something, from the ground up.” Born from the idea that some of our most cherished services and institutions—the Fringe Theatre Festival, Canada’s first mosque and first food bank, Bioware—were conceived, born and nurtured here, the initiative encourages residents to also build something from nothing. Learn more about it at makesomethingedmonton.ca.

We at the Oliver Community League think our neighbourhood is a pretty good place to make something, too. So, we’re exited to unveil “Make Something Oliver.”

We want to financially support activities and projects benefitting the community and aligning with our strategic goals, especially building partnerships within the community. Both individuals and groups are welcome to apply for a Make Something Oliver micro-grant. Individual applicants must be current residents of Oliver or a member of the Oliver Community League; groups must include at least one member who’s residing in Oliver or holding League membership. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

Successful applications will receive up to $1,000 per initiative after adjudication by the League’s the types of initiatives, activities or projects that may be funded include:

  •  Skill swaps or skill-sharing workshops
  • Community activity nights (e.g. board game or craft-making nights)
  • Advocacy groups (e.g. bike lane advocacy)
  • Drop-in sports nights (e.g. badminton, basketball, etc.)
  • Festivals and celebrations
  • Public/guerilla art
  • Educational or fitness programs (e.g. bootcamps, yoga)

Find out how to apply for a Make Something Oliver micro-grant, or how to get involved, at olivercommunity.com. We encourage you to dream big as you come up with a way to make this neighbourhood yours!

As of May 1, the Oliver Community League board of directors is: Lisa Brown (President), Jarrett Campbell (Past President); Danny Hoyt; Simon Yackuli (Secretary); Leah Hilsenteger (Treasurer); Amanda Henry; Hossein Zahiri; James Eastham; Justin Keats; Curtis Boehm; Luwam Kiflemariam; Erin Wright; Dustin Martin; Marija Petrovic; Rowan Kunitz.

Oliver Community League Events

June 13 — Pride Family Picnic afternoon offers all-ages activities and opportunities to meet neighbours. Bring a blanket and lawn chair. (12 pm, Community Hall, 10326 118 St.)

June 17 — Programs and Events committee meeting. (6:30pm, Community Hall, 10326 118 St.)

July 1 — Monthly board meeting. (7 pm, Community Hall, 10326 118 St.)

Aug. 5 — Monthly board meeting. (7 pm, Community Hall, 10326 118 St.)