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Good, Fast and Incredibly Cheap

9 meal deals you’ll hardly believe

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$4.75 BORSCHT — THE SEQUEL CAFÉ: You’ll find the city’s best bowl of borscht—and one of Edmonton’s best Art Deco classic buildings — kitty corner to Churchill Square. The Sequel Café’s generously sized, chunky red soup is spicy, earthy and bright, and quenched by a dollop of sour cream. It’s a lunch-crowd favourite, along with the other delicious soups du jour, all of which come with a wedge of multigrain loaf. Cash only, but heck, it’s only $4.75. And that’s including GST. (10011 102 Ave.)

$5.00 LUNCHES — GABBANA FINE DINING: This Asian-fusion restaurant serves a heaping plateful of rice and breaded coconut lemon chicken that’s sweet as heaven and cheap as hell. Unbelievably, lunch costs even less on Mondays and Tuesdays. Bombay butter chicken, Szechuan beef rice bowl, lemon chicken, green curry shrimp, Chinatown barbecue pork, Thai chicken—all $5. Take note, it fills up quickly with staff from the nearby General Hospital, so stake your claim before 11:30 a.m. (11223 Jasper Ave.)

TACOS_OTR_Winter2014$1.00 TACOS – ON THE ROCKS: Once a week, a demographic slice of Oliver packs this neighbourhood pub from 5 p.m. to close for Taco Tuesdays. Order the “Quattro,” an assortment of hard shell, soft tortilla, ground beef or grilled chicken tacos. The catch? Guacamole or salsa are also a buck apiece. (11740 Jasper Ave.)

$3.50 SANDWICHES – ITALIAN BAKERY: For little more than bus fare, you’ll get a freshly baked bun filled with imported meats and cheeses of your choosing at this popular Chinatown bakery and deli. Peruse the assortment of fillings behind the glass counter. When your number comes up counter staff will slice your picks right on the spot. Add another meat for fifty cents and don’t forget to ask for the roasted red pepper spread. It’s deceptively simple, yet transcendent. (10646 97 St.)

$3.75 CHEESEBURGER — THE COMMODOREIt might be a hole in the wall but it’s not on your pocket. With soups cheaper than cappuccinos and omelettes and burger meals for hardly more, the prices (and not to mention its 1940s diner setting) might fool you into thinking you’ve travelled back in time. (10712 Jasper Ave.)

BAHN_MI$4.00 BANH MI — VAN LOC: For pocket change, this Vietnamese sandwich bar stuffs a crunchy baguette with saté chicken, shredded pork or deli cuts and the essentials. For banh mi newbies, that’s a spread of fish sauce, shredded carrots and cucumbers, fresh cilantro and hot pepper rings. Five-dollar footlong? Try $4. (10648 98 St.)

$4.00 BREAKFAST — BACCARAT CASINO: It’s not breakfast at the Fairmont, but shortcomings aside the Baccarat Casino has its riches. The food at Café Paradice is filling and the service quick. And at $4, the weekday breakfast of pancakes, eggs, toast and hash browns, and ham and cheese omelettes might just be the safest bet you can place. Just ask the arena construction workers who start their day off with this no-frills breakfast. (10128 104 Ave.)

$5.50 DAL AND RICE — REMEDY CAFE: Blink and you’ll miss this Indian cuisine staple on the scrolling menu. Dal makhani, or lentil stew, seems simple until the richness of a plethora of spices envelopes your mouth. It arrives in a sizeable steel bowl and equal side of spiced rice, which you can mix if you’ve got sensitive tastebuds. And if you ask for pita or naan, it’s yours at no charge. (10279 Jasper Ave., 10310 124 St. and other locations.)

$6.19 BIBIMBAP — 105 FOOD STORE: Any number of downtown office towers have convenience stores selling hot lunches, but none make it as well as the Choy family in the Capitol Building. It feels like an office potluck when they start preparing it from crockpots, rice cookers and Tupperware—indeed, the bibimbap (Korean beef, sweet sticky rice and steamed vegetables) are just like they make it at home. Other daily specials include minced beef rice, chicken rice and a delectable chicken teriyaki. (10242 105 St.)