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Foraging for food in the concrete jungle

Greens, eggs and ham in #yegdt

For the 12,000 people living in the downtown core, a quick trip to the grocery store for fresh tomatoes, eggs or bacon for breakfast can be a challenge. We’re all looking forward to the 2020 opening of the new Loblaws CityMarket, under construction now at 103 Avenue and 103 Street. Until then, let’s explore some of the options core-dwellers have to replenish their pantries this winter.

Farmers and produce markets

The Edmonton Downtown Farmers Market’s new indoor location on 97 Street and 103 Avenue brings everything from fresh eggs, local produce, vegan cheese, keto meals, and ocean seafood. It’s a great weekend option.

Winter access tip – The market is half a block from the Royal Alberta Museum LRT/ pedway exit.

On Wednesday afternoons from 2-4 p.m., All Saints Cathedral, 10035 103 St, runs a fresh produce market at wholesale prices. Vicar Quinn Strikwerda describes the downtown grocery situation as a “food swamp”–a term describing areas where groceries are of questionable nutritional value. He says, “having enough fresh fruit to eat is not a privilege, it’s a human right.” The market is open to everyone.

Convenience stores

There are about a dozen chain convenience stores and mo–and–pop shops downtown. Most carry canned and packaged foods with The Dollar Store in City Centre Mall offering the largest selection. Drug marts Shoppers and Rexall both have limited fresh and frozen groceries, with the two-story Shoppers in the east end of City Centre Mall carrying eggs, frozen vegetables, fruits and meals, fresh bread, and lots of packaged foods. The several 7-11s and Circle Ks downtown also carry milk, butter, eggs and bread. The chains all have competitive prices. The family-owned convenience stores have higher prices but are willing to carry what you’re willing to buy on a regular basis; most have eggs, milk and butter, and sometimes bacon.

Grocery stores near Downtown

To the east of Downtown at 95 street on 102A Avenue is United Grocers, a fabulous Asian grocery store that carries fresh western and Asian foods, many staples, and treats. Pocky anyone? On the western edge across 109 Street at 102 Avenue is the full-service Save-On Foods.

Winter access tip: Find your nearest 1, 2, or 5 bus stop – these buses will take you to either store.

Grocery stores farther for transit users

The No. 5 bus will also take you to the Italian district and Spinelli’s Italian Centre. Or take the LRT east to the 82 St. Save-On at the Stadium stop, or to Southgate’s Safeway. You can also take a bus to the Oliver Square Safeway, or the Superstore on Kingsway.

Winter tip: Acquire a fold-up grocery cart (try the luggage stores in the mall) and you’ll be surprised at how much easier it makes grocery shopping by transit.

Ready-made meals

Olly Fresco’s (107 Street and 100 Avenue, and in City Centre Mall) and Sunterra Market (Commerce Place) both have a wide selection of ready-made fresh take- home meals. 7-11 has a limited selection of ready-made salads, fruit, and sandwiches.

Winter tip: Both Olly Fresco’s and Sunterra have shops in the mall, and you can order a full meal or even Christmas dinner for pick-up from Sunterra.

Specialty foods

Evoolution sells olive oils just north of Jasper Avenue on 104 Street and a little further along, Cavern sells cheese and charcuterie. Venture north of the core to 107 Avenue or east to Chinatown you will find a vast selection of African, Halal and Asian markets.

Winter tip – Cavern will sell you a subscription cheese/charcuterie selection and they’ll even deliver!

Delivery options

Our local produce delivery service, The Organic Box, has been joined by Vancouver-based Spud and both serve the core. Save-On also delivers but it can be tricky to set up the website order – choose the “Mayfield” store with time slots from 7-9 a.m. or between 5 and 10 p.m.