— Downtown Edmonton Community League Update —

Conversion Immersion

It’s hard to believe this is our third anniversary of The Yards. Only three short years ago, The Yards was launched in partnership with the Downtown Edmonton and Oliver Community Leagues to serve as the voice of Edmonton’s core. In that short time we’ve had the pleasure of working with local editors, writers, illustrators and volunteers to bring you a hyper-local community newsmagazine to be proud of.

Since we started, we’ve seen the opening of Rogers Place, a pilot that looks at the future of Jasper Avenue and we have featured portraits of many talented community volunteers.

We’re proud to bring you this, our third edition of ‘Best of the Core’ – everything we know to be fantastic and fabulous about living in our communities.

Now we can ponder: What will the future bring?

It’s been 20 years since the first Capital City Downtown Plan (CCDP) was approved. There’s a measurable difference from then to now. Back then, only 5,300 people lived in the downtown core; now we’re looking upwards of 14,000. Can we get to the ‘magic’ 20,000 by 2020, as envisioned by the Downtown Vibrancy Task Force?

The CCDP imagines a sustainable downtown as one with a vibrant community of people living there, taking ownership for, and living in a walkable community along- side arts, culture, entertainment, business and retail services. Add to that recent amen- ities to make downtown more livable.

Previous Downtown Plans have enabled landowners to take older, vacant office buildings and convert them to residential buildings. In the early 2000s, a wave of office-to-residential conversions brought life to some buildings and reinvigorated our Downtown with people who live, work and shop in their community.

Recent vacancies mean we could see a second wave of conversions.

If these conversions move us towards our goal of a sustainable Downtown, the more the merrier. While new office building construction is wonderful to see, it’s also the addition of people Downtown that will ensure there is a thriving community. The Downtown Edmonton Community League will continue to serve them and The Yards Magazine will continue to be the voice of our neighbourhood.

Chris Buyze
President, Downtown Edmonton Community League

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