— Oliver Community League Update —

Bringing Life to The Core Through Art

EPCOR’s art installation on the LRT site will make it more appealing to passersby

Construction sites featuring a variety of art designs will bring more vibrancy to the core during the long months they take to complete, specifically along 104 Avenue and 113 Street where the LRT line is being expanded.

Valley Line construction
Photo Credit: Mack Male

The Valley Line West LRT project is going to be under construction for about five years, so EPCOR wanted to make the area look more appealing to the public.

EPCOR partnered with MacEwan University design and fine art students to submit art pieces that will be posted in what they call art hoarding. John Naboye and Quinton Wong are recent graduates from the Bachelor of Design program working with EPCOR to make this project come to life.

“They want to make sure that the residents in the area aren’t staring at a construction site. They want to make sure that they’re staring at something nice,” Naboye said. “Since 104 Avenue is going to be a hotspot for construction in the next couple years, having these art pieces up definitely helps in making the area more vibrant rather than unappealing to people who walk by.”

The plan is to incorporate a mixture of different art such as graphics, paintings, and photography for pedestrians and drivers to enjoy. Wong and Naboye are acting as a jury, reviewing and selecting student submissions. The plan is to get about 10 to 15 student works submitted for the project. EPCOR will grant honourariums and include the artists’ names.

“I think it can make the community proud of the diversity that will be shown throughout the art works. As the jury, we will be looking to see how we can showcase how multicultural and diverse the community is in that area, and the way people see community and how they interpret it. I think that’s something very special with the Oliver community,” Wong said.

“It’s unfortunate that we don’t get Heritage Days probably again this summer, but I hope through this we will see a bit of that,” Wong added. “It’s always a good reminder for people in Edmonton when they get to experience different cultures and people bring a little bit of themselves through these kinds of things.”

If there’s going to be construction, it may as well be nice to look at. The art installation will be in place this summer.