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5 Cheap Tips for Keeping Cool This Summer

One of the harder parts of living in multi-unit housing, as many of us do in the core, is that it can get hot in the summer. Very hot. And if your building is like many of them, it doesn’t have air conditioning, either. Thankfully, there are cheap ways to cool your crib. Some of them are logical. Some of them are hilarious. All of them are cool.

1 Icy Fan

You’ve probably watched the MacGyver re-boot or remember the (far better) original with Richard Dean Anderson. Either way, this trick is pure MacGyver. Take a bowl, fill it with ice, angle it slightly, then take your cheap fan and have it blow across the bowl and the ice. Get it right and it can create an icy mist. You’re welcome.

2 Close Your Curtains

Do your windows face any direction but north? If so, the easiest strategy to keep your place cool is to keep the direct sunlight out.

You can significantly cool an apartment using this strategy alone, especially when you’re out at work or otherwise not needing the curtains open. Indeed, blackout curtains are capable of cooling a room as much as 30 per cent.

3 Cook Later

To keep super cool you need to limit the heat your cooking is contributing. So cook later, when the ambient temperature has dropped.

4 Buckwheat Pillow

Not to get all science-y on you, but buckwheat hulls have natural air gaps between them so they don’t absorb your heat as readily as other materials. That means they’re cooler to rest your head upon at night. And let’s be honest — being too hot at night is the absolute hardest time to take it. So get some sleep, buckwheat.

5 Turn On Your Exhaust Fans

This one is less obvious but works. That exhaust fan in your bathroom that evacuates steam as you shower? It also can pull out heat if you leave it running. Same thing goes with the fan above your kitchen stove. If your house is scorching, employ any and all methods to get that heat outta there.