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Fall 2016

Job Post: Editor-in-Chief

Seven Ways to Meet Your Downtown Neighbours This Fall

Five Ways to Meet Your Oliver Neighbours

What is a Community League and Why Should You Care?


Renovating Jasper Avenue, Oliver’s Living Room
An update on the long overdue re-imagining of Edmonton’s oldest main street.

Will the Emerald Tower Be Oliver’s Crown Jewel or Royal Pain?
A new residential tower tests the city’s vision on parking, height restrictions and affordable housing

Why Some Edmonton Parks Are on the Chopping Block
Frank Oliver Park in front of the Hotel Macdonald is just one example of private property posing as a public space.

The Fight Against Surface Parking Lots Isn’t Over
New lots in the face of economic downturn threaten to undo urban progress

Will Edmonton Seriously Enforce Noise Bylaws Against Loud Motorbikes?
As Edmonton improves the core’s walkability and street life, community members and a determined city councillor want exhaust pipes to pipe down.

Meet the New Members of the OCL
Earlier this year the Oliver Community League voted in a whole slate of new members. Find out why they wanted to get involved in their neighbourhood.

Snapshots From Summer Community Events

New Life for the Gibson Block


Hopes, Dreams and Fears: 10 Predictions for the Ice District

How will the multi-billion-dollar catalyst project change our core? Nobody knows, but everybody has an idea. If you ask 10 people, you’ll get 10 answers—which is exactly what we did. The Yards listened to ordinary Edmontonians from all walks of life, from arena supporters to detractors, from the corporate executive to the street-involved, in order to get a shake of their crystal balls.


The Condo Board Survival Guide

Condo living should be and can be a happy experience. But you need to know what you are getting yourself into. That’s why we’ve prepared for you this comprehensive breakdown of every issue, foreign word and colourful character you might find on your path to harmonious homeownership in core.

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Hacking 7-Eleven: A High-end Chef’s Guide to Low-brow Meals

Café Linnea’s Filliep Lament shares three recipes for guilty pleasures that you can indulge in 24 hours a day


The North Saskatchewan, Now and Tomorrow

For those who say they don’t know how to access our “green jewel,” we’ve put together the basic puzzle pieces that are easily accessible from the core, mapped out to represent the changing physical reality of Edmonton’s most treasured natural asset.


Inside This Oliver Resident’s Micro-home Miracle

Engineer Laura Creswell masterminded this tiny condo into a perfectly comfortable home


Meet Mrs. Hut: The Teacher Who Teaches “Downtown”

Many Edmonton children never step foot on downtown pavement—until they meet Linda Hut of City Hall School. Then they never see their city the same way again.


A Film Series All About Your Core Neighbourhoods

Rosvita Dransfeld on how downtown influences her movies.

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Cools news, Rumours and Excitement around the Core

A few shout-outs to people and businesses doing great stuff in our neighbourhood.

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